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Hello my doodles. This is the blog where I do the art thing. Once in a while I'll post fanart for various things. Thanks for stopping by!

"Can’t Join Game

You cannot join this game as you have been previously kicked by the host.”

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- eagerly waits for MILDLY ANNOYED KING RYAN -

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Here have a draw

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Oh my god they were so nice and they signed my sketchbook. I’m so glad they came to Canada! I had to wait about a hour to meet them but it was so worth it. I wish I could’ve had something drawn for them or at least had a poster for them to sign. Still, I had an amazing time meeting these two lovely ladies! 

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I swear I’m drawing stuff

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As suggested/requested by anon~

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I feel so powerful

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Gonna shade this later

(I hope this is okay for your other blog aaah ;w;)

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Is he really though?

Welp, this is first of hopefully 9 achievement hunter minecraft outfits. I hope you guys like it c:

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Can you believe these are a thing you can buy in Japan


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